You would have noticed in the period kit which was given to your loved one that there was a little message directing you to this page! I would firstly like to thank you for visiting our site in order to find out more information and what Flow By O has to provide.

Not only does this brand provide the necessary products for young girls during their period, it also enables you to assist your loved one through their period journey. I know the word 'period' already can cause immediate awkwardness. It is astonishing how one word can make different people feel so many emotions. This brand 's aim is to remove the awkward stigma which is surrounded around this topic and make the experience more comfortable for those who go through it. 

This message is specially dedicated to single male figures who are raising their loved ones and would like to find out more information on how to guide them as they embark on their period journey. To those of you who fall in this category or to any parent/guardian that would like more information, please visit our blog which will regularly include relevant facts, tips and informative posts regarding periods.