The Flow By O Period Kit

The Flow By O Period Kit

The Flow By O Period Kit is our special care package which has been created to help ladies whilst on their period. This is a perfect gift for someone who is about to start their period and also serves as a pamper gift box for someone who has already started their period journey.


Do you know someone who is about to start their period journey?

We know how awkward and difficult it may be for young girls around this time and we want to help as much as we can to take that fear away. The aim behind this kit is to create modern period solutions: provide girls with information on how to maintain good personal hygeine whilst on their period and to also share positive and motivational words of encouragement. This is a perfect gift from parents, relatives, friends who have people in their life who are starting this journey and want to find creative ways of helping them through it!


When purchasing this product you can select whether the Period Kit is for a Teen who is starting their period and would usually begin with pads or if it is for an Adult who is already on their period and may prefer pads and/or tampons. We have tried our best to make sure that the Pads and Tampons which have been included in this kit will be suitable for all flow types.


Make sure you add our FREE Period Tracker to your cart! 


If you want to purchase our Flow By O kit and get your period essential items every month, please check out our 'Time of the Month Kit' Product!

  • Product Info

    • Pads and/or Tampons 
    • Disposable Face Mask 
    • Hydrating Facial Mask 
    • Beauty Headband 
    • Lip Balm
    • Eye Sleeping Mask 
    • Nail File
    • Hot Water Bottle
    • Fluffy Socks
    • Feminine Hygiene Products (wipes, disposable bags)
    • Sweet Treats 
    • Tea
    • Hot Chocolate 
    • Cosmetics Bag
    • Hand Sanitiser 
  • Delivery Notice

    Please note that we are doing as much as we can to make sure that your order arrives on time however due to the current pandemic and social distancing measures, there may be delays. Thank you so much for your patience. 

  • Allergies/Dietary Requirements

    Please contact us if you have any allergies or dietary requirments as we can offer alternatives if this is needed! 

  • Hot Water Bottle Guide

    • Please do not use boiling water when filling your Hot Water Bottle! Make sure you do not use water that will be hot enough to burn your skin!
    • Make sure you do not leave your Hot Water Bottle on one part of your body for too long (Approximately 20mins)
    • Do not apply an excess amount of pressure on your Hot Water Bottle
    • Be very careful when you are filling your Hot Water Bottle and make sure you fill it slowly, while holding it upright. Fill it up with a generous amount and not to the point where it could overflow.