Period Tracker (FREE)

Period Tracker (FREE)

As you begin your period journey keep track of your menstrual cycle with this FREE Period Tracker! When that time of the month comes around, mark all the days when your period starts and ends. You can also make a note under 'Cycle Length' of how long your cycle is every month. You can also create a Colour Key to track how heavy or light your flow is and write any notes. 


TIP: "The menstrual cycle is the time from the first day of a woman's period to the day before her next period," Toni Belfield - Sexual Health Information Specialist.


How To Use Period Tracker (Phone Version) 


1. Save the Period Tracker File which you should receive in your email, on your Phone. 

2. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader App (Free) and open the Period Tracker. 

3. Type /Fill in the PDF fields 

4. Save it ! 


Please note you can of course do this on a laptop or print this out and fill in completely by hand but as we are mostly on our phones the above steps may be eaiser for you. The choice is yours!