Watermelon Overnight Gel Mask Individual Sachet

Watermelon Overnight Gel Mask Individual Sachet

About me


I am an overnight gel mask containing watermelon extract to make you glow girl. Holla at me if you have dull, dry skin in need of a pick me up as I am ultra-hydrating and I smell A-MAZING!


How to use me: 


1. Before bedtime pat a generous layer to cleansed skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. (Don't worry I won't transfer onto your pillow)

P.S we’ve given you a bit extra so you can give your neck some TLC too.


2. Sleep is crucial for mental wellbeing. To get your 8 hours make sure you unwind before bed. Try a digital detox, or do something that makes you feel relaxed like having a bath. Remember to breathe…everything will be ok.


3. When you wake from your beauty slumber, wash and glow. The world is your oyster…


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